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This book celebrates the resilience of Black communities and families. It acknowledges the role Black children’s creative imaginations play in fortifying us all against the harms of racism and injustice. Caregivers and educators who help children read about and discuss current events play a special role in nurturing their imaginations.

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Here are some tips to consider as you read: 

  • Read and re-read in multiple ways: read aloud, take turns, read in silence. 

  • Slow down to “read” the pictures: What does the picture say that the words do not? What do you notice? What in the picture is important to you? What emotions are expressed? How does the picture make you feel? Why?

  • Ask evaluative questions: Was going outside a good thing to do? What would have happened if they decided to not go outside? Do you think it would have turned out differently?

  • Expand, bend, or reimagine the story: Write a story about what led to the protests. Write a story about what happened the next day. What will the characters’ next adventure look like?

These strategies and questions offer some potential avenues for delving deeper into the topics addressed in this book.

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