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Magical Black Tears

A Protest Story

The Magical Black Tears Experience is a suite of educational materials based on educator and author Decoteau J. Irby’s picture book Magical Black Tears: A Protest Story. The learning materials teach children ages 4-12 about direct action and racial justice. The Magical Black Tears Exhibition brings children and their caretakers into the book characters’ world for immersive interactive learning about the power of protest and direct action as vehicles for creating a more racially just world.

Centered on Black children’s development, and empowering for children of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, Magical Black Tears offers a developmentally appropriate way to teach children about: 


  • What racism is and why it harmful to Black people

  • How everyday people work to end racism

  • The direct actions they can take to make the world a better place  

About the book

When unusual events occur in Maya’s neighborhood, she wants to know what is happening. Her curiosity leads her on an eventful journey to find answers.

Ultimately, Maya and her brother Kyle discover the magical power of everyday people taking direct action to make the world a better place.

Magical Black Tears cover page.png

Magical Black Tears:

A Protest Story

Written by:
Decoteau J. Irby

Illustrated by:
Dominique Duval-Diop

Book Available For Purchase:


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